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When was your firm founded?
Founded in 1950

Who founded your firm?
William Graham III but his son William Graham IV “Bill” bought it from his father in 1965 when the annual revenues were under $200,000. Bill is our current CEO through this day.

Where is your firm based?
Headquartered in Philadelphia with offices in NYC and DC.

How big is your firm?
We have 190 employees and place over $400,000,000 of insurance premiums into the marketplace annually.

Is the company a family-owned business?
Yes we are a family-owned business with a small caveat, in 2015, Bill Graham sold the company to all of its employees creating a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP.

What type of subcontractor are you?
We are an insurance and risk management broker and consultant.

What have been some of the firm’s major accomplishments; major projects?
We delivered the very first Integrated Project Deliver System east of the Mississippi for the University of Pennsylvania’s brand-new state of the art hospital. IPD is a performance-based way to deliver insurance and risk management solutions to major projects for all parties involved (not to be confused with wrap-up’s)

Where does Your firm operate-just NY or other areas?
We have clients with operations all over the world, however, most of our insureds are headquartered within a 4-hour drive from our three hubs – NYC, Philadelphia and DC.

What have been some of the unique traits of the firm? We are strategically built to provide a lot of service to a very few number of clients. We carry a near 1 to 1 employee to client ratio and provide extensive service in areas beyond just the placement of an insurance policy.

How has your firm been involved in the construction industry? (Associations, etc.) – Construction is in our routes dating back to the 1950’s. Today we are members of many associations including the STA of NY, GCA of NY, UTCA of NJ, CFMA and others.

What are some challenges the firm has overcome? – Perpetuation of any company is a challenge. Many insurance firms (similar to construction firms) are being bought up by private equity and other larger competitors in order to survive. With healthy finances and a humble leader in Bill Graham he chose to sell to the employees even though he was offered much more from the market. This allows us to keep our talented people and continue to provide the very best proactive service available in the marketplace.

What does the firm think it’s legacy has been for the NY construction industry?
Five years ago we hit the NY Construction market in a big way partnering with some of the industry’s most notable names. Although it’s only been 5 years, our legacy would be our professional educational approach that is backed by talented individuals who consult on more than just the placement of insurance.

Why did you join the Subcontractors Trade Association?
We share a few clients with the STA and we have heard great things about the STA from them.

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