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To our STA Members and Future Members:

Don’t be fooled by Fake News about saving money and low rates on your Workers’ Comp insurance. If someone offers you something that sounds too good to be true … Guess What?

Chances are that if you are not now participating in the STA & NESCA Safety Group you are leaving “Money on the Table”! This guaranteed cost program is one of the most successful sub-contractors plans in the state.  Not a self-insured plan and not a plan or a complicated confusing unproven new idea subject to market fluctuations are here one day and gone the next.  This plan is sponsored by you’re the STA and is now celebrating 25 years of consistent discounts and dividends payable directly to its members.

What is a Safety Group?  A Safety Group program is a fully insured guaranteed cost plan where members can never be assessed for additional premium beyond their earned premiums for a policy year.

The group program spreads the risk from the individual member to the entire group in a proven way that allows part of the premiums to be returned to the members in the form of dividends and discounts.

By joining the STA & NESCA Safety Group, you can get the lowest pricing on your premium while providing all the protection required by NY state law. Underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund, the STA & NESCA Safety Group is designed for longevity and stability. The Safety Group dating back to 1994, has consistently offered upfront discounts and year-end dividends. The long-term viability, success and performance make this group an established attractive offering for STA members.

A success story:  Safety Group 560- Empire State Subcontractors Association has distributed over $13 million in dividend returns! Since inception it has been an exclusive program for STA & NESCA and has more than exceeded the expectations of its members.  Thanks to the efforts of the members working together with our safety group manager, American Global of New York, to manage claims and safety, members have enjoyed low rates, low Experience Modification Ratings along with dividend returns and consistent upfront discounts.

Already a Member! To celebrate these incredible results, STA & NESCA and our Safety Group Manager American Global of New York is launching a New Member Sales Campaign and offering our current safety group members up to a 50% Service Fee Reduction for one Full Policy Year.  To qualify all you need to do is recommend a new member, once they qualify and bind coverage with the safety group Your member company will receive up to a 50% Service Fee Reduction for one Full Policy Year.

We invite you to lower your Workers’ Comp cost, get expert advice and help support the STA by referring a new member for a free quote today!  Start saving on your Workers’ Comp Insurance NOW!

Contact an experienced representative @ 516-770-8671 TODAY for advice or a referral for a FREE quote. Or if you prefer, have your Agent or Broker call for a Quote and Commission arrangement.

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