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  • When was your firm founded?


  • Who founded your firm?

Robert Carvalho, PG

  • Where is your firm based?

Jersey City, NJ

  • How big is your firm?

30 employees

  • Is the company a family-owned business?


  • What type of subcontractor are you?

Environmental/Specialty Contracting

  • What have been some of the firm’s major accomplishments; major projects?

Queens Metropolitan High School; Battery Park City School; PS 343 Peck Slip

  • Where does Your firm operate-just NY or other areas?

East Coast USA

  • What have been some of the unique traits of the firm?

In-house design and installation; low EMR; service-oriented; maintaining long-term relationships; EAI is the go-to solution for any Vapor Intrusion Mitigation issues

  • How has your firm been involved in the construction industry? (Associations, etc.)


  • What are some challenges the firm has overcome?

The clique-ish nature of NYC construction; workforce diversification; Government red tape

  • What does the firm think it’s legacy has been for the NY construction industry?

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Industry Pioneers, which has allowed for the improvement of the health and safety of numerous building inhabitants as well as those attending NYC public schools

  • Why did you join the Subcontractors Trade Association?

Bob Ansbro; industry representation; leadership sounding board; legislative initiatives

  • We will include your mailing address, location, contact information – but please let us know of anything else you would like to include in your STA new member profile:

Our services include Gas Vapor Intrusion Mitigation; Waterproofing; Air Barriers; Vapor Barriers; Various Coatings

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