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When was your firm founded?

Where is your firm based?
Milwaukee, WI

How big is your firm?
$300 billion assets

Is the company a family-owned business?
My specific practice is, yes.

What type of subcontractor are you?
I am a financial planner who works with firms in the construction industry.

What have been some of the firm’s major accomplishments; major projects?
We do business with some of the most well-known contractors in the NYC area.

Where does Your firm operate-just NY or other areas?
All over the country. My practice is specifically the Northeast

What have been some of the unique traits of the firm?
Historically had the highest strength ratings from all major credit rating agencies.

How has your firm been involved in the construction industry?
My practice has been involved in the construction industry for 23 years.

What are some challenges the firm has overcome?
Growing in spite of construction industry volatility over the years.

What does the firm think it’s legacy has been for the NY construction industry?
We provide great service and products to some of the finest firms in the Northeast & America.

Why did you join the Subcontractors Trade Association?
NYC Construction Market is dominated by subcontractors and I love these people.

We are a nationwide practice, we like contractors, we are looking for new clients. I do Ironman Triathlons (as a matter of interest) for a hobby.

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