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  • When was your firm founded?

May 2015

  • Who founded your firm?

Michael T Williams PE

  • Where is your firm based?

Bronx, NY

  • How big is your firm?

$5M per year

  • Is the company a family-owned business?


  • What type of subcontractor are you?


  • Where does Your firm operate-just NY or other areas?

NYC / Westchester

  • What have been some of the unique traits of the firm?

Started as an underground plumbing firm and have transitioned into Hospital Work, NYCT, as well as DEP treatment plants

  • What are some challenges the firm has overcome?
  1. Covid
  2. Shrinking Market due to Non-union infiltration on the private side
  • Why did you join the Subcontractors Trade Association?

Have a voice in how the industry interacts with governing bodies

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