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By Hank Kita, STA Executive Director


As the dog days of the very hot summer of 2022 continue, the STA has pressed forward with its advocacy efforts on behalf of our members on several fronts.

  • Legislation… Working with our Legislative Counsel, Perry Ochacher, the STA has continued to press the powers that be in Albany on the issue of “material price escalation” for state public agency projects. Through the efforts of the STA and others, legislation for this issue was overwhelmingly passed by both the State Senate and Assembly back in June.  It is now awaiting action by Governor Hochul.  The STA has met several times with the Governor’s Office to advocate for the expansion of the effective date for which relief is being sought for material price escalation on state public projects, from 2020 to 2021. It is still difficult to determine whether the Governor’s Office will ultimately be amenable to such an expansion.  However, the STA will continue to work with our many construction association partners throughout the State to gain the best “material price escalation” relief terms possible from Governor Hochul.  Any additional information from STA members on the degree to which material costs have risen in the last two years, will greatly assist in our advocacy efforts with the Governor’s Office.
  • Public Agencies… In collaboration with the BTEA, the STA has recently met with leadership at the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) to press that public entity regarding ongoing payment issues for subcontractors working on their projects. While the agency promises more timely payments and transparency for subcontractors wishing to track the progress of their payments, more meetings are being scheduled with SCA leadership to delve further into this issue.  Future meetings are also being scheduled to address “material cost escalation”, COVID project delays, and inspection issues.  Similarly, the STA has developed new contacts with the recently reorganized New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) in order to address subcontractor payment and operational issues with that agency.
  • Individual Member Advocacy… The STA continues to advocate for individual members on issues related to procurement, payments, and operational matters with public and private owners. The STA will continue to work with its individual subcontractors in that regard on an “as needed” basis.

We will keep our membership informed on these issues as further events warrant.

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