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Dear STA members,

I would like to begin this message by saying I am extremely grateful to have the privilege of being STA’s Board of Directors president. I have been involved in this association for quite a few years, yet I am constantly surprised by the collective knowledge of our STA members and have learned a great deal more about the industry I’ve been in for my whole career because of it. STA is without a doubt one of the most important organizations in New York City construction. I am honored to be able to lead us into 2023 and beyond.

I would like to talk quickly about some goals I wish to accomplish:

  • Continue and grow a proactive legislative agenda in Albany
  • Expand membership with more union subcontractors – I believe in power in numbers
  • Engage our existing members with improved communications and events, especially our younger members to ensure the future of our association
  • Create an educational agenda with topics and speakers that are vital to the livelihood of New York City subcontractors
  • Focus on technology and the construction process of the future

I am going to work hard with the STA to fight for the success of our subcontractor community. Using industry collaboration, legislative advocacy and education, the STA can improve the environment that subcontractors have to work in. Opening the lines of communications between each party in the construction process is vital to a better industry environment – one that operates with respect, transparency and unity.

I also urge all of our members to please get involved. We will be revamping our committee schedules and communications, and will notify the whole membership on ways they can join a committee they are interested in. The STA needs the engagement and participation of our members. We encourage every member to offer more support by serving on a committee.  This is a great way to get involved to help our members address subcontractor related concerns.

Thank you,

Anthony Acerra

ALC Steel

President, STA Board of Directors

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