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  • Signed into Law
    • 978 Englebright/S.680 Kaminsky – Relates to the unlawful disposing of construction and demolition debris.
      • Signed, Chap. 29
    • NY HERO Act (A.2681-B Reyes/S.1043-B Gianaris) – Prevents occupational exposure to an airborne infectious disease.
      • Signed, Chap. 105
      • Approval Memo 7
    • NY HERO Act Chapter Amendment (S.6768 Gianaris/A.7477 Reyes)
      • Signed, Chap. 142
    • Substantial Completion Chapter Amendment (S.880 Breslin/A.967 Cusick) – Relates to payment in construction contracts.
      • Signed, Chap. 128
    • 881 Brooks/A.964 Zebrowski – Relates to violations of the uniform fire prevention and building code.
      • Signed, Chap. 47
    • 1302 Ramos/A.974 De La Rosa – Relates to establishing a registry of workplace fatalities.
      • Signed, Chap. 65
    • 3293 Ramos/A.5475 Lunsford – Relates to extending the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to the reciprocity of debarments.
      • Signed, Chap. 79
    • 7127 Bronson/S.5472 Kaplan – Provides for certain commercial small businesses to be eligible for relief under the “COVID-19 Emergency Protect Our Small Businesses Act of 2021”.
      • Signed, Chap. 154
    • Awaiting Delivery to the Governor:
      • 4323-C Comrie/A.6232-C Bichotte Hermelyn – Establishes a construction industry advisory council on public contracting reform.
      • 795 Wallace/S.1634 Skoufis – Relates to fees charged by municipal industrial development agencies.
      • 2202 Barnwell/S.4060 Comrie – Relates to requiring contractors and subcontractors to disclose the existence of property and casualty insurance.
      • 2591-A Carroll/S.542-A Kaminsky – Relates to provisions in state procurement contracts involving the use of low embodied carbon concrete.
      • 3201-B McDonald/S.5671-B Breslin – Relates to the purposes and powers of New York state industrial development agencies.
      • 3350-A Joyner/S.2766-C Ramos – Relates to actions for non-payment of wages.
      • 7707-A Paulin/S.6995-A Comrie – Relates to contracts awarded by the New York city transit authority and the metropolitan commuter transportation authority.
      • 255-B Mayer/A.1106-B Bronson – Requires payment of prevailing wage on public works projects for work involving the hauling and delivery of aggregate supply construction materials.
      • 4165-A Bailey/A.7689 Pichardo – Relates to the publication of information regarding waivers of compliance with state contract provisions concerning minority and women-owned business enterprise participation requirements.
      • 7052 Gounardes/A.8041 Lunsford – Enacts the comprehensive insurance disclosure act.
      • 7185 May/A.7719 Burdick – Relates to the construction of modular and manufactured housing.
    • Priority Bills that did not pass both houses
      • 7166 Comrie – Delay Damages Bill
      • 6967 Cahill/S.4264-A Parker – the climate and community investment act.
      • 3559-A Hunter/S.6210-A Skoufis – update of the state fire prevention and building code and the state energy conservation construction code.
      • 766 Rosenthal/S.2762 Ramos – creates an employment lien.
      • 7176 Parker/A.8143 Fahy – the “Advanced Building Codes, Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards Act of 2021.”
      • 4738 Ramos/A.2039 Dilan – Relates to modular construction work.
      • 6985-B Cusick/S.5482-B Breslin – Relates to payment and retainage in construction contracts.
      • 7266-B Bichotte Hermelyn/S.6270-B Sanders – Expands contracting opportunities for businesses owned by women and minorities (OCIP/quantitative factor).
      • 6117 Simon/S.1241 Ramos – Includes exposure to novel coronavirus, COVID-19, as an occupational disease.
      • 1247 Cahill/S.1582 Sanders – Relates to establishing the “small contractors relief act”; appropriation.
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