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In its day-to-day activities, STA represents its members in dealing with public agencies, authorities and private developers. STA’s philosophy centers on dispute resolution without the need for litigation, and the association has served its members for over 50 years in this area. Initiating informational meetings between the owner, the general contractor, the construction manager and the subcontractor have proved to be successful business strategies to advance dispute resolutions, clarify issues and advance best practices.

On the rare occasion when this approach has failed to produce results, members may be afforded the services of our legal counsel. The resulting “umbrella” legal action allows all affected subcontractors to share in a single representation. Legal fees are shared on a basis that is proportional to the claim and the strength of multiple representation is very evident in eventual resolution.

In addition, STA has a number of unique services available to our members.  Additional information is available through our monthly newsletter and the much sought after StayAlert, which lists commercial liens filed in the New York City region during the previous month.


Subcontractors Trade Association (STA) is New York’s leading Association of union subcontractors.  STA is your advocate to improve and enhance your economic position in New York by protecting your interest through legislation, providing education, and offering a unique networking connection giving you the opportunity to grow your business.

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Subcontractors Trade Association (STA) of New York City was established in July, 1966 by a group of New York City subcontractors and suppliers who recognized the need for greater representation. Today, several hundred of New York’s leading subcontractors, representing every field within the construction industry, comprise STA.

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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xl” weight=”fontweight-700″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]Subcontractors Trade Association (STA) [/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-s” color=”#999999″ margin=”0 0 40px 0″]1325 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10019 | Tel: (212) 398-6220 | Fax:(212) 398-6224 | info@stanyc.com[/minti_headline]

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