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By Hank Kita, STA Executive Director


On July 1, the STA commenced it 56th year of operations, working on behalf of union subcontractors here in New York City!

As is customary, invoices went out at that time to our entire membership for the dues payments which allow the STA to remain as your voice and advocate in Albany and City Hall.  I respectfully ask that all STA members address these invoices promptly, so that we can turn our full attention to the issues that matter most to you as subcontractors.  The dues invoices also ask that members contribute $200 to our State Political Action Committee (PAC) fund.  The PAC fund is important to the STA’s achievement of its legislative goals in Albany, allowing us to support those elected officials who in turn support good government, while recognizing the issues and needs of construction subcontractors.  If you have not yet made a contribution to the STA’s PAC, please consider doing so in the near future so that we can continue to push forward our subcontractor “centric” legislative agenda.

Several times a year, I reach out to you in this newsletter and other forums to seek and encourage your involvement in the STA.  That involvement can come as a volunteer on one of our many committees, participation in our events and seminars, or following through on our periodic “calls to action” in support of our legislative agenda.  Again, if you are interested in participating in one of our committees, please reach out to me at hkita@stanyc.com.  I will in turn let you know where your efforts might be best focused on behalf of the STA.

Finally, the STA needs to build our organization with new members.  There is strength in numbers and your referral of new members can only help strengthen the voice of the STA on issues of importance to union subcontractors.  Please take a moment and let me know of any potential members that you might be able to refer or have them reach out to me directly by email as referenced above or phone at 212-398-6220.

Again, many thanks for your continued involvement in and support of  the STA!

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