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Joe Leo
Subcontractors Trade Association
Atlantic Contracting & Specialties


Dear readers,

I am coming up on my third complete month as the STA Board of Directors President. While summer is a relaxing time for many, it is one of the busiest times for us as an industry, and the STA is no exception.

One of the events we have been working hard on is our re-imagined Construction Awards Celebration.

Originally scheduled for Thursday, April 2, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the STA to move it to November. Unfortunately, with New York and the rest of the U.S. still battling COVID-19, the association had to come up with a Plan C.

This celebration is a time to reflect on the hard work of our industry leaders; cancelling it just isn’t an option, certainly during a time when we all need a morale boost. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the STA has decided to move forward with the Construction Awards virtually.

On November 17, the celebration will be broadcasted on the Zoom platform. Attendees will be given a link and password to access the ceremony. While we unfortunately can’t serve a steak dinner this year, attendees will be sent GrubHub & Minibar giftcards.

I know this is a different format, and I understand the hesitation a few may have. The STA has worked for over 50 years to benefit New York City’s subcontractors, and the association is needed now more than ever – that means STA leadership has had to figure out different, creative ways of fundraising in order to keep our doors open.

I am confident that this year’s Construction Awards Celebration will be one for the books. Please contact the STA at info@stanyc.com or check out the website www.stanyc.com for more information on the celebration.

I continue to wish everyone the utmost health.


Joe Leo
STA President

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