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Robert Weiss
Subcontractors Trade Association
A.J. McNulty & Co., Inc.


Dear readers,

I would like to direct our members to the STA’s COVID-19 Resource Page, which has a wealth of information for many different sectors of the industry, including the CARES Act, Recent Executive Orders, Department of Buildings updates, State & Federal Sick Leave Laws, and other New York City & State COVID-19 information.

Included on the resource page is a list of TRUSTED STA Sources for subcontractors to procure their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is IMPORTANT. COVID-19 will change the way our industry works, and one of the most important aspects in keeping our workers safe is proper and official PPE. If you are an STA supplier providing PPE, please email Samantha at ssweeney@stanyc.com to be included on the list. Supporting each other is a must in this time!

In terms of events, the association will be presenting a webinar on June 2 that is not to be missed. A panel of the top leaders from our industry will be discussing WHAT THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY NEEDS NOW. I urge all of our members to attend as this will also serve as the 2020 Annual Meeting where our Officers and Board of Directors are elected for the coming term. Please click here for more information and to sign up.

I wish the utmost health and safety to all of you.

Very best,

Rob Weiss

STA President

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