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Robert Weiss
Subcontractors Trade Association
A.J. McNulty & Co., Inc.


Dear readers,

I would like to wish all STA members and friends a Happy New Year and best wishes as we embark on an exciting new decade. We’ve been blessed by a recent run of building work in the Metropolitan area, and hopefully this trend will continue into the future. Just remember, however, in both good times and bad, the STA will always be there advocating for its members. Subcontractors are the life blood of the construction industry, and the STA has never forgotten this important fact. Despite recent setbacks in Albany, we will continue to push forward legislation that will benefit our industry, including closing loopholes that fail to protect subcontractors working on privately developed jobsites on public property where no lien rights exist. The STA will also be holding numerous programs and seminars over the next few months to educate our members about other pitfalls in the industry.

With that in mind, I am proud to announce our first General Membership meeting on February 4th, where an impressive slate of experts will be speaking on construction claims and the best ways to find solutions. You can find more information on this event by clicking here. Over the next few weeks, STA also will be releasing its upcoming seminar topics. Please keep in mind that these informative seminars are free to STA members.

I look forward to another great year at the Subcontractors Trade Association. I hope to see many familiar as well as new faces at our events in 2020.

Very best,

Rob Weiss
STA President

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