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Anthony Acerra
Principal, ALC Steel
President, STA Board of Directors

Dear readers,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new association executive director Felice Farber. Felice started this position on January 3 and is the first woman to ever be appointed Executive Director of STA. This is an important feat in our association and for the New York City construction community as whole.

Felice brings broad and robust industry experience to the STA. For over a decade, she served as Senior Director of Policy and External Affairs for the General Contractors Association (GCA) of New York, a 300+ member trade association representing the heavy civil construction industry in New York City. Prior to the GCA, Felice worked in City Government as Special Counsel to the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation.

The association warmly welcomes Felice to the STA family. We look forward to working with her to advance all of New York City’s union subcontractors.  Felice can be contacted at ffarber@stanyc.com or to 212-398-6220 x 102.

Many other changes are coming in 2023 for the association. One of the major changes I’ve spoken about in previous messages is the reinvigoration and reorganization of many of our association committees. We are currently recruiting members for all of these, which I will list below. If you have any interest in joining one, please email Samantha Sweeney-Annarumma at the STA office at ssweeney@stanyc.com to join and receive emails pertaining to the committee. For a description and general time commitment of each committee, please click here.

  • SCA Committee
  • Change Order Committee
  • NYCHA Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Young Professionals Group
  • Technology Committee
  • Insurance Committee
  • Surety Committee

The STA also has many exciting events coming up in 2023, including our Construction Awards Dinner on April 12, our Annual “Meeting the GCs” Speed Meetings on June 6, and our golf outing on July 17. I look forward to seeing many of you at these. More details are listed further on in the newsletter.

To stay up to date on all association happenings, please follow us on LinkedIn!

Thank you,
Anthony Acerra
Principal, ALC Steel
President, STA Board of Directors

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