Join us on June 4, 2019 for STA’s Annual 2019 Membership Meeting at the Manhattan Manor for Impact 2019: Contract Clause Impacts on Your Projects.

Participate in an intensive discussion with several of New York’s leading legal professionals and association general counsel moderated by STA Legal Counsel Henry L. Goldberg, Esq. to better understand how contract management is becoming as important as project management for project success. 

With industry legal experts at the table, take-away practical strategies and insights on how specific contract clauses – even those that you considered non-negotiable – can be managed to mitigate risk and increase project success and profitability. 

The goal of this engaging industry-wide discussion is to share industry insights on specific contract provisions and related legal issues that impact subcontractors’ projects, businesses and their bottom line. The discussion also addresses how subcontractors – regardless of trade – can better position their firms during the contract negotiation phase of a project for both public and private sector projects.



Do You Have a Legal Question About a Contract Clause?

If you have a legal question related to your contracts, please submit it here>>

Questions submitted no later than May 20, 2019 will be referred to the roundtable panel. This is a great opportunity to get you practical tips that can make a difference on your next contract.

What you will learn

  • 1

    What are the standard contract provisions, waivers and forfeiture provisions that may negatively impact your project and your business?

  • 2

    In what ways can subcontractors successfully negotiate and/or control the impact of select provisions to manage risk and maximize profitability during project delivery?

  • 3

    Discover “Best Practices” for successful contract negotiations. Learn from the industry’s top attorneys and experts.

Change The Game on Contract Clauses

Through an interactive discussion, industry experts will examine select contract clauses with a focus on what you can negotiate and what you can’t and how to add project controls and more efficient construction contract approaches to mitigate risk and maximize profitability.  

Your take-away:  Manage your contracts more efficiently to protect your bottom line!

Important contract provisions covered include:

■ Contract Scope and Disputed Work Provisions
Design Liability Traps
Adverse Payment Terms
Preserving Rights and Avoiding Waivers and Forfeitures
Disputed Work Provisions
Prosecuting Claims
Termination for Default/for Convenience
Insurance Requirements
Resolving Disputes

Who Should Attend

■ Subcontractors from all trades
Association management, legal counsel and staff
Design firms (Architects and Engineers)
City and State key procurement decision makers
Construction industry professionals, including General Contractors,
   Construction Managers and General Counsel
Legal professionals specializing in the construction industry  

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Special Industry White Paper

Each attendee will receive a briefing paper that reviews key clauses and provisions that should be considered when negotiating your next contract.

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5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m
Dinner Reception
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Industry Discussion
Audience Questions and Answers





Henry L. Goldberg
Partner & Chair of Construction Law Practice Group
Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP
David Flanz
Senior Vice President, Operations & Associate General Counsel
EL AD US Holding, Inc.
C. Allan Reeve, Esq.
Chair of the Construction and Surety Law Division of the New York State Bar Association
Reeve Brown, PLLC
Steven N. Davi
Executive Director & General Counsel
Allied Building Metal Industries, Inc.
Robert J. Fryman
Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

Manhattan Manor

201 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019.

Parking available at garage adjacent to entrance on 7th Ave.


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