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Executive Director

Dear members,

 We are excited about the range of activities taking place at the STA.

In February, the STA’s School Construction Authority Working Group met with Gordon Tung, Vice President of Construction Management, and Barbara McIntyre, Senior Director Change Order Unit, to discuss critical project delivery and payment issues, including working to resolve long-open change orders.

Plans are underway to schedule a working group meeting with NYCHA. If you have issues and concerns regarding NYCHA projects, and would like to be part of the NYCHA working group please reach out to Samantha Sweeney-Annarumma at SSweeney@stanyc.com.

DDC Commissioner Tom Foley will be attending the STA’s upcoming Public Agency Committee Meeting on March 31st at the STA. If you would like to join the STA’s Public Agency Committee and attend this meeting please contact me at FFarber@stanyc.com.  Space is limited so please RSVP to attend.

 Our committees are also busy planning new and informative events and seminars. The STA Insurance Committee is hosting an event on Workers Compensation on May 4th at the LaGuardia Marriott, sponsored by American Global, and is looking to develop additional programs.  The newly formed Education Committee is working on a series of forums exclusively for STA members on critical legal, financial, technology, insurance, and safety topics.

 On the legislative front we have been working to address material price escalation, COVID paid sick leave, and the impact of occupational disease claims on a contractor’s EMR, as well as address insurance challenges through the Small Contractors Relief Act, to name a few of the critical items on our agenda.  The Legislative Update includes more details on the STA’s activities.

We encourage more members to get involved in the STA and join a committee.  The committees work to develop programs, meet with industry leaders, and advocate for the subcontracting industry.  If you are not already involved in an STA committee, please reach out to me to discuss how you can get more involved.

Warm regards,

Felice Farber
STA Executive Director

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