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Executive Director


It has been an exciting first month at the STA. We are hard at work advocating for the subcontracting industry at City Hall and in Albany and working to advance key recommendations from the city’s Capital Reform Task Force that benefit subcontractors.

STA  continues to advocate for equitable relief to help subcontractors recover from the recent spike in material prices and recently presented testimony on this issue at a Joint State Budget Hearing.  We are setting up partnering meetings with key agencies to address critical project delivery issues and advocating for improved transparency in payments and change orders.

Education – A Key New STA Priority

Another STA important initiative  is the development of a program to provide our members with the education and resources to help you run your business more effectively and better understand the market.

To that end, I am excited to announce the formation of an Education Committee tasked with planning seminars around topics that are of utmost interest and need to our members

Heading the Education Committee is David Mott, member of the STA Executive Advisory Board and Project Executive at Riverso Associates. David brings a wealth of knowledge as a construction consultant to subcontractors. Areas of focus for the  committee include claims management, contract clauses, insurance, financial management, technology, safety, human resources, and business development/marketing.

Insurance – A Top Agenda Item

I am also excited to announce that we are reinvigorating the Insurance & Surety Committee.

Chairing the Insurance & Surety Committee is Jack Frazier and Nancy Schnee, also members of the STA Executive Advisory Committee and leaders at American Global, an insurance and surety brokerage firm specializing in all aspects of construction risk management. The committee welcomes participation from all STA members including risk managers at member firms.

If you are interested in joining one of these committees or another STA committee, please reach out to me at ffarber@stanyc.com or Samantha Sweeney-Annarumma at ssweeney@stanyc.com.

We welcome your engagement!

Warm regards,
Felice Farber
Executive Director

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