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STA committees are looking for new members to participate! These committees are the heart of the association and deal with specific issues related to the committee topic. The description of each committee and general time commitment is listed below.

If any of these are of interest to you, please email Samantha Sweeney-Annarumma at the STA office at ssweeney@stanyc.com to join and receive emails pertaining to the committee.

Public Agency focused

1) SCA Committee: SCA committee meets regularly with different departments in the agency, such as the Construction Inspection Department (CID) and A&E. Our more general SCA meetings are with Gordon Tung, Vice President of SCA, and Barbara McIntyre, Director of the Change Order unit. These meetings happen once or twice a quarter, currently via zoom.

2) Change Order Committee: this committee works primarily with the Department of Design and Construction on change order issues within that agency. These meetings happen 3-4 times a year via zoom.

3) NYCHA Committee: this group meets quarterly at a minimum with the New York City Housing Authority, specifically their new Deputy Executive Director of Recovery and Resilience Programs, Joy Sinderbrand. These meetings happen quarterly via zoom.

Legislative Committee: one of STA’s largest and most active committees, this group is a very important tool for the association and our industry as a whole in enacting real change with policies on the state level. These meetings happen 3-4 times a year via zoom.

Marketing Committee: focuses on association marketing and advertising efforts to recruit members, plan and market successful events and fundraising, and make sure STA is presenting itself in the industry in a meaningful and impactful way. These meetings occur monthly via zoom.

Young Professionals Group: this committee brainstorms informative, educational and networking events for the young professionals in our association. The committee also holds meetings with the group to discuss the issues and problems facing the millennial workforce and beyond. These meetings and events occur 4-6 times a year.

Technology Committee: this committee’s responsibility is to focus in on the emerging technology trends in the industry. We will also be planning more events and seminars on this topic in the coming year than we have in the past. Moving forward, these meetings will happen 3-4 times a year on zoom with possible in person events.

Insurance Committee and Surety Committee: both of these groups are being reinvigorated post pandemic, and I urge anyone interested in these topics to please join. Insurance in construction is a complex and necessary part of our industry, and we are looking for seasoned professionals to help us round this committee out and help put on educational programs for our members. Moving forward, these meetings will happen 3-4 times a year on zoom.

Again, please contact the STA office to join a committee. The STA can only thrive with the participation of our members!

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